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Working business for sale – pellet production

ID №: 444
Area: 2500 m2
Land area: 24416 m2
Property Type:
Price: 775 000 €

Working business for sale – pellet production

We present an opportunity for acquisition. With a successful track record spanning 5 years, the company boasts consistently positive balance sheets. Over the past 3 years, it has achieved remarkable turnover, marked by the absence of any total liabilities. The company serves a diverse customer base across Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Romania.


Financial Success: Over the past 5 years, the company has showcased a history of financial stability and growth, with positive balance sheets being a constant feature.

Diverse Customer Base:

The company has cultivated a strong customer portfolio across Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Romania.


The company stands without any total liabilities, underscoring its solid financial standing.

Property Highlights:

The offering encompasses not only the operational entity but also the physical assets and space that support its activities.

Private Expanse:

The company operates from a private area spanning 24,000 square meters.


The property includes three vintage buildings, totaling 2,200 square meters, as well as an additional separate structure measuring 300 square meters.

Electricity Generation:

A station equipped with 2 accumulators, each with a 500-kilowatt capacity, caters to electricity needs.

Weighing Efficiency:

Purpose-built scales are in place for accurate load measurement, specifically designed for platform loads, excluding tractors.

Production Capabilities:

Two primary production lines are included in the offering:

  • A wood pellet production line, boasting an impressive output of 1,500 kg per hour.
  • A complementary production line dedicated to crafting wooden components, with the capacity to generate 40 cubic meters of output over 3 days.

Skilled Workforce:

The pellet production line is currently managed by a team of 5 employees, adaptable to function efficiently with as few as 3 individuals. The wooden component production line is managed by a skilled team of 8 personnel.

Solar Potential and Promising Photovoltaic Investment Opportunity.

Harnessing Solar Energy:

The company Project not only offers a thriving operational business but also presents a compelling opportunity for sustainable energy generation through photovoltaic investment.

Abundant Solar Capacity:

Situated on the expansive 24,000-square-meter property, there exists a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on solar energy. With an area of approximately 10,000 to 15,000 square meters designated for this purpose, the property holds substantial solar potential.

Strategic Sustainability:

The installation of solar panels on this substantial space is a strategic move that can yield multiple benefits.

Empowering Self-Sufficiency:

By embracing this strategic initiative, you would be able to achieve self-sustained electricity generation. This endeavor holds paramount importance in supporting the operational units on-site. The excess of the electricity can be sold on the free electricity market and generate additional income.

A Dual Advantage:

Investing in solar energy not only reduces the environmental footprint but also contributes to long-term cost savings. The harvested solar power can supplement the energy requirements of the production lines, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Operational Showcase:

Prospective buyers are invited to witness the company’s daily operations firsthand. This immersive experience includes close inspection of the machinery to assess their condition and functionality. Buyers and investors are also encouraged to explore the immense solar potential firsthand, recognizing the opportunity to harness renewable energy to power an already thriving enterprise.

As part of the comprehensive offering, the inclusion of this solar potential emphasizes the project’s adaptability and responsiveness to both current and future energy demands.

Comprehensive Offering:

It’s important to note that the selling price encompasses the entire package – the operational entity, the two production lines, the expansive property, and the various structures present on-site.

This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a thriving enterprise, complete with its operational assets and physical infrastructure, poised for further growth and success.